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6 Phase Meditation Series

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The 6 Phase Meditation is a guided meditation practice that aims to help you organize and address some of the most pressing issues we all face and helps us come into balance. It is not a specific religious or cultural-based meditation but a practice that nurtures the spirit. The six phases of this meditation are: 1. Love & Compassion 2. Happiness & Gratitude 3. Peace & Forgiveness 4. Envisioning Your Future 5. Mastering Your Perfect Day 6. Support & Blessing Each session will focus on one of the 6 phases. The first 3 phases of meditation are designed to help you develop a sense of connection with yourself and your surroundings in the present. The last 3 phases help guide you into the future. The final session will bring all of the phases together in one practice. Each phase includes an audio meditation and journal prompts to guide you on your journey. A downloadable PDF worksheet is also included. Lead by Certified Mindvalley 6 Phase Meditation Trainer, Rhonda Clure

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Single Payment
8 Personal Coaching Sessions


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